About us


Our Ethics

Our company-wide commitment to corporate social responsibility, increasing sustainability and reducing environmental impact; ensures that every single link in RosaPiù’s supply chain is analysed on an ongoing basis.

Concetta herself works closely with each of our producers and distributors, to ensure that fair trade and the strictest quality standards are adhered to.


Our designs

Our creations are intended to fit every occasion and budget, whilst offering a uniqueness that has to be seen to be believed.

Concetta is hands-on with every aspect of RosaPiù’s operation, from production and distribution to crafting our final creations.

As a result, RosaPiù can create truly original, bespoke arrangements, allowing each and every customer to carefully customise each flower, right down to choosing the colour of individual petals. This is true at any price point.

Our creativity is boundless, as is our ambition; with consistently high quality and exacting standards making sure that we never lose sight of your requirements.


Our products

Our market-leading preservation process is completely natural and ecologically friendly, preserving without staining or compromising the colour of the final blooms.

The flowers themselves are just as impressive, grown in the rich soils around Cayambe, Ecuador. The climate that they grow in is extraordinary; producing large, resilient roses with thick stems and petals. As a result, the flowers that our customers receive are incredibly low maintenance, requiring not a single drop of water and lasting for a minimum of three years.

In addition, we offer an innovative and exclusive fragrance to scent our flowers with, one that surpasses the natural scent in both intensity and longevity. RosaPiù are the first brand to offer such a fragrance.

Products include: bouquets, fashion accessories, furniture decoration,table dressings, foliage, moss, flowers, plants, green walls, trees, gift hampers and more…


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